Thursday, June 5, 2008


RIDE A BIKE, originally uploaded by willbryantplz.

Mark Wise postcards designed and cranked out in sweet letterpress style over at Kennedy Prints in Gordo, Alabama.

[ The Public Design Center will soon be selling these online! ]


I just got moved into a new apartment and i'm getting settled. its a bit longer bike ride, but i'm thankful for the time to reflect. Not thankful for the crazed drivers on a long, hilly, dangerous road.

I NEED A HELMET! any ideas on where to find a rad one?


meighan said...

get a skate helmet. i like those best, nice and comfy and over the top dorkus malorkus. or really dork out and get a real bike helmet. but i say skate helmet, get a white one...that's what i have.

Will_Bryant said...

thanks meighan! that's EXACTLY what i've been liking the most from my research. would you recommend a brand? I'm planning on customized that white space with colorful psychedelics!

design for mankind. said...

Agreed. I bought a skate helmet, too... and Megs--- I have a white one, too! Good Lord. Twins.

I have this one in white:

Will_Bryant said...

thanks erin! i'm totally going to order one.
lookout we're all triplets!!!