Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guest Posting on PoppyTalk!

Guest Posting on PoppyTalk!, originally uploaded by willbryantplz.


Keep your eyes peeled on the lovely design PoppyTalk. I'm guest posting this week!


The Boomerang said...

Hello. Just wanted to stop by your blog and let you know I really enjoyed your posts this week at Poppytalk!

Will_Bryant said...

thank you ever so kindly!!! :)

ali blagg said...

willster, i am so proud of you and for going for it in the art world! takes some guts! please always keep me informed of whats going on with your art!!!! i love looking at everything!!!

Will_Bryant said...

ali, thank you so much! :)

im hoping to start a little newsletter to inform friends about what i'm doing, but also people i'm interested in and the lovelies they are making.