Friday, September 12, 2008

LA / PaperCuts

This past weekend i flew on over to LA for my first ever gallery opening! It was an amazing experience and i met a lot a lot of nice people. The opening reception was on Saturday September, 6 at LittleBird Gallery. 

First off, thanks to:
Mylissa & Hamish (LittleBird Gallery) for making this happen!
Erin & Ken Loechner (Design For Mankind) housing me and showing me around! Such nice people. 
Everyone who came out and especially to those who conversed with me. It was a pleasure.
and finally to all the participating artist who were so rad!!!

- Yui Chan
- Thom Gastelum
- Hamish Grieve
- Matthew Gray Gubler
- James Gulliver Hancock
- Jeffrey Max

see all of their amazing work here!

I had so much fun! For real. 

(Excerpt Thoughts)
Matthew Gray cracked me up! I knew he was an actor, but i just learned that he was Intern #1 in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!!! I would have totally spazzed even more if known ahead of time. ha

James' lovely girlfriend Lenka just released her debut record! Check it out.

Yui's screen-printing skills are totally ridiculous. Absolutely gorgeous and delicate!

It was such a fun time...thanks sunny LA, your weather is so refreshing.
Now here are some pics (most of them by Erin)

pics from the opening...that's Mylissa in the little black dress!


my sunny slumber spot plus some images from venice beach.



poppy said...

hey - looks like it was fun!

Will_Bryant said...

thanks jan! it waaaaas FUN FUN! :)

heather said...

that is so exciting, I'm so proud of you!!

Esti said...

congratulations for the exhibit! I wish i could look at all those pieces a little closer... Thanks for the links!