Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah, Married Life!

Today was the best day!

Sally's bike came in and we just lived up the town! Freewheeling Bikes in Austin hooked us up.

This is her brand new seafoam green Electra Amsterdam. It's sooo pretty and rides so well.

I've wanted an Amsterdam for a long time, but I'm much happier to have bought one for my wife. She just loves it!

We pedaled all over the hyde park & north loop area neighborhoods stopping at Avenue B Grocery, Epoch Coffe House, Blue Velvet vintage, and Hyde Park Grocery. Tonight she cooked an amazing dish of steamed vegetables that was seasoned by the heavens. I'm going to get back to working on projects, but I'm sure we'll have to top off the day with some Wii!

Yeah, we're pretty much living the dream.


Amy said...

oh gosh, that's a super looking bike there. And i LOVE the color!! How did they ever invent the word seafoam? it's perfect!

Miss Sally is one lucky lady. ;)

gemma correll said...

aw you 2 are so sweet. and i LOVE sally's bike, it's beautiful

a d r i e n n e said...

hello will! my oh my, you guys look like you're having super fun in austin. the wedding was so lovely, and i am so happy for you two. tell my cuz hey for me!


p.s. now i'm going to look at all your honeymoon photos!

Watts said...

Congrats to you as well for Design Sponge!! I love your work! And I am happy for you and your marriage, I too am marrying my high school sweetie. Awesome!

flubadub said...

Falling in love..getting married and having fun..yeah well done you 2

Brittany said...

omg! this isssss the prettiest bike ever!!!! i want one soooo bad! where can i get one of those, boy!?!?

i'm glad married life is wonderful and fun! yall are PRECIOUS.