Monday, May 18, 2009

Letterpress Drawer

My wife loves looking at Design*Sponge and she recently got inspired from the Greenwich Letterpress (you can see the rest of that post here):

She remembered that her parents have an old letterpress drawer (gothic cond.) and they gladly pulled it out of the attic for us.

Now we are on the hunt collecting type to display in our sweet drawer. So far we've looked at Uncommon Objects, Austin's Antique Mall, but have yet to search online. (maybe just google it or something, or ebay or even jerry's typorama)

We are going to re-arrange this wall of prints and make it the centerpiece. Any advice?


hellojenuine said...

so awesome, show it when you've found some things! & i spy an advice to sink in slowly poster.

Will_Bryant said...

thanks jen! i will definitely keep track of what we find. and yes you spy correctly! john is tooooo nice :)

heather carr said...

i found one at the Attic Fleamarket here in town for $10 at the beginning of the year; it's covered in yellow chipped paint though. I saw the same Design Sponge post and fell in love with the way it's arranged. I want to know what you end up doing with it.

Jessica said...

What about that "W" I sent you in the post some time ago?

Will_Bryant said...

heather - that's awesome! i will let ya know

jessica - oh i have that for suuuure!