Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AC + Pooneh Ghana + Dent Tee

Last friday I was able to catch Animal Collective live (for my fourth time!) at Stubb's here in Austin. AC has got the vibes toadally collected for this tour. The visuals, energy, and sound are all spot on.

Besides experience an outstanding concert, I was able to finally meet flickr contact, Pooneh Ghana, who took these amazing photos! Pooneh photographs for the Austinist and also contributes to Gorilla vs Bear.

Thanks to her, she captured Panda Bear wearing the Dent May shirt I designed!!!!

Totally took this experience to the next level.

Ahhhhhh, I melted.

see more of Pooneh shots from the show here.

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margot said...

That's sweet! You're one cool cat, Mr McPantsy! In 15 years I will still love Animal Collective like a Dead fan loves Jerry Garcia.