Friday, July 3, 2009

Public School Cards

The new Public School cards just arrived, hot off the press! The cards were printed by Vertallee Press—located right here in Austin, Texas—and they turned out amazing. Letterpress on 100lb French Whitewash, design by Cody.

I've made a few slight modifications to mine.



hellojenuine said...

these are awwwweesome will. are everyone's contact details red-stamped or are they all different?

Will_Bryant said...

thanks jen! i think for the most part they are. some guys are figuring out other ways to stamp. I even drew some of my own, but i like the red stamp the best.

Clarity said...

Those look fun - quirky and memorable.

Anonymous said...

i love these!

they remind me of library card books before everything went digital and magnetised. (: