Monday, November 2, 2009

Second Chance Zombie Dance

This past weekend The Hooded Deer (my deejay moniker) returned to Mi$$i$$ippi for a Halloween dance party! For the second Halloween in a row I deejayed/promoted a party at The Princess Theater in Columbus, MS. It was a total blast seeing all my friends, working hard, and dancing all night.

Teaming up with long time friends GTR Productions and Pyroglyphics we constructed a 22 ft. tall skeleton composed of wood, led tubes, led cans for eyes, and a laser that shot from its mouth!

Last year about 250 people showed and this year around 750 lined the street to get in! It was so crazy!

Check out the HUGE poster in the window of the Princess Theater.

Halloween tee! What's left from the show will soon be available online.

Special thanks to everyone that made this happen! This includes Trey, Blaine, Alex, Bart, Brian, Amy, Stevie for reppin my merch, and of course Will Howard! Also props to Andrew Le for snapping some rad photos.


jan said...

hey - looked like a blast!

Tyler said...

haha woww man, so awesome. the skeleton is daunting.