Monday, October 6, 2008


SNEEK PEAK!, originally uploaded by willbryantplz.

"I MADE THIS FOR YOU" - Collection of works by Will Bryant

For my undergrad self promo I decided to self publish a book through Lulu. I thought this would be the best method of showcasing my work, attitude, and style.

These will be available for purchase, but make sure to check your feed burners for a limited edition hyper active version!


meighan said...


Chris said...

tyte! i will be purchasing one of these

Will_Bryant said...

thanks doods!

much appreciated.

chris - i've already listened to that panda bear snippet 7 times, i NEED MOAR!!! said...

That is so cool and so much fun! great job!

Kelly C. said...

love this. perfect idea. seriously, dude. i can't wait for you and your lady to move to the northwest. it'll be totally rad. AND, thanks for stopping by my made me feel famous!

Will_Bryant said...

thanks ladies!

kelly i'm SO EXCITED to move to Portland. The lady and i had such a wonderful visit this weekend!

Hila said...

This is so great!
Thanks for visiting my little blog and my kitty appreciates the comment :)

notebook doodles said...

nice! i like the title =)
and i bet the inside would be even better.