Sunday, October 19, 2008


This weekend I ventured over to Gordo/Tuscaloosa, Alabama to serve as artist assistant for the Kentuck Arts Festival. Having met Amos a handful of times before I knew it would be wild. Amos is an amazing spirit full of wisdom and laughs.

Amos is a letterpress printer residing in Gordo, AL (just a few miles east of me). He is so kind and sure knows how to be a host. Next time you're in the south head to Gordo for a visit and its guaranteed to be a good time.

Watching amos in action was absolutely incredible. His personality and business skills are displayed as he interacts with the customers, gathers a crowd, and even dances on top of his press. The trip left me Bedazzled!

(thanks to ginette for pointing out the still existing bedazzler!)

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