Saturday, November 8, 2008


Matthew Ess and The Hooded Deer at HALLOWEENz photo by andrew le

A bit late on the post, but here's a recap from my SOOOPER fun Halloween deejay show that took place in Columbus, MS at the newly revamped Princess Theater! It was the first big event held in the theater in over 6 months and it was an amazing turnout. Deejays Matthew Ess and YOUNIVERSE KID were rad fun and the dance floor was bouncin' all night!

My small crew of two friends and Will Howard of GTR Productions constructed and 8'x8' wall of LED tubes and a hole in the middle for the laser to launch out! It turned out RAD!

light show Y'ALL! photo by andrew le

Matthew Ess looking majestic photo by andrew le

Check out some footage provided by Casey Zumwalt



Matthew Ess put together this little viddie that really captures the overall experience....

See more pictures and videos in the Hooded Deer flickr group

p.s. Perhaps the best party, definitely the most flattering...a friend dressed as me for Halloween!


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Anonymous said...

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Will_Bryant said...

thanks jesse!
i look forward to our newly found cyberfriendship.