Saturday, February 7, 2009

Living the dream!

It's been's a quick breakdown on what's been going on:
Solo Exhibition / Portfolio Review / Graduated / Moved / Gypsied around Texas / Wedding / Honeymoon / Moved

Now I'm finally settled in Austin, TX with my lovely new bride!

We are very happy to be in the same city and even in the same apartment. We both just graduated from different universities and have been living apart for almost 5 of the 8 years we dated (uhh yes that's a long time).

Now here are some pics of our new place!

You can see more of the married life here. It's so much fun! We've been playing the Wii and exploring Austin together.

Currently I'm freelancing, but we're both looking for full time jobs and putting glitter on our resumes.

- Will "Mr. Fancy Pants" Bryant

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PYROglyphics said...

dude, great life you live! you portrayed it swell, i guess it should be expected after three months of preparation.

that n.a.s.a. track you referenced is golden! thanks for the tip.

hope to read more.