Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dent May 7"

Long before working on Dent May's full length, I designed the sleeve art for Dent's 7" that was pressed in the UK by Make Mine.

A good friend of Make Mine, Stephen Bass, is a fine gentleman spreading musical jams across the globe. (he works at Moshi Moshi Records)

Stephen's buddy Manish Arora (Mr. Make Mine) he sent me over a bundle of vinyl from his rad label. That's wuts up!

Side note: Stephen has a long running project where artists create post card size interpretations of their favorite songs. He asked me to create some of my own which can all be viewed here. (For several months I thought that these collages were lost in the post forever, but they ended up at the record label's office...whew)


stephen said...

i wish i did run make mine but i don't. i'm not nearly that cool. you mean to be bigging up the lovely Manish Arora. now that's a REAL dude right there!

Kristin said...

I love them all.
all your work makes me want to go cut up coloured paper and make cool stuff