Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Parra Tinbot

I really want to snag this Parra iPod Tinbot. Parra's striking color palette and killer hand lettering really melt my heart.

Also note, Fecal Face has some GREAT pics from a Parra studio visit.

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Mr. Ice Cream Man said...

Let's see. Love Parra [All of it] and Rockwell and your stuff as well. Who has the Kitsune Noir project copyrighted. You or them or neither. They would be good twitter backgrounds. Hit me if you are on there. FYI: Ran across your site via a New Friend Kristen Ley with Cultigraphic in Charleston, SC. Take Care.

Mr.Ice Cream Man


Will_Bryant said...

thanks maaaaaan!

Good call! I will look into the backgrounds.
some would have to be reformatted.

Mr. Ice Cream Man said...

Coolio. Just let me know.