Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A look into my "Studio"

Currently I'm setup in the spare bedroom of our condo. In the nearing future I hope to score a sweet shared studio space, but this is my little nook until that works out!


Christy J said...

So cool to see other artist's spaces! I wish I had room for even a little nook like this. Good luck finding studio space!

Anonymous said...

great workspace!

mine is a mess right now, i think i have wild animals living around there,hahaha!

sleepy fawn said...

awe what a fun studio! i'm in the process of trying to build my perfect space..I bet yours is very inspirational!

Will_Bryant said...

ohh thank you all for the nice comments!
this place can get messy, but it feels nice when it's clean.

I too enjoy seeing other artist's spaces. check out lisa congdon's new space.miles of smiles!

Stephanie Bonham said...

cool-eez. i am about to move into a new place and can't wait to set up my new work-space... tiny shelves with tiny things! maybe even bigger shelves with bigger things. awesommme.

p.s. thanks fer the nice comments!