Friday, February 19, 2010

Winners Winning zine

Winners Press presents Winners Winning! My good buddy Paul Windle asked me to contribute to his latest Winners Press project. My four submissions are below. Followed by Paul's spread and Rand Renfrow. Other contributing artists are Alan Tolleson, Adam Werner, Jasmine Silver, Whitney Phillips, Joonbug McIntosh, Garrett Burnett, and Spencer Moorman. 

You should contact Paul and see how you can get involved. Winners Press is raaaaad!

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SustainableFamilies said...

I absolutely love your artwork. I love the youthful creative though filled spirit in every piece. You know it's so funny because I am drug free, have been for quite a while and I used to think straight edge kids were cool when I was in highschool (even though I didn't quite make the cut), but I realize I suddenly felt left out.

The Winners Don't do Drugs made me feel immediately like, "Awesome! I LOVE when I se see creative independent free spirited thinkers support living without the burden of messing with chemicals that mess up your brain!" combined with this rather highschoolish feeling of , "Oh, but I don't fit in with winners. I'm left out of this movement I might should go join the people who do drugs, maybe they would let me in."

It's bizarre how long those kinds of thoughts can stay with you, such feelings have no application to my current life at all...

Sorry for rambling so much! lol...

You were featured on what of my favorite "pretty things" blog and it happened to be in my city so I was even more intrigued!

Look forward to seeing more from you, peace!