Monday, April 12, 2010

Public School x GOOD Magazine

I'm excited to say that Public School was awarded an opportunity by Society6 to create a cover for GOOD Magazine's "Neighborhood" Issue! Members Cody Haltom, Casey Dunn, Jay B Sauceda, and myself worked together to come up with this shot. Cody and I worked together on the concept with loads of additional styling by Casey. Jay B and Casey worked together to produce the photograph. 

Here's a look at close up of the cover shot. That's my hand holding the street sign! It was quite the undertaking and was definitely a challenging experience filled with good vibes.

This is the original image. The sun with shades was retouched so there was room for the subhead. Keep your eyes peeled for a making of compilation by Jay B!

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hellojenuine said...

so good, well done public school!